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The Founding Fathers
Of A Great Drama
George Washington Nathanael Greene

Washington & Greene
Risked Their Lives, Honor & Fortunes
With Their Soldiers
On The Battlefield

"My object is the safety of the people"
"And, the establishment of our liberties"
Nathanael Greene

A Great Experiment
In The New World

1st United States Flag
1778 U.S. Flag
Rhode Island Flag
Colonial Rhode Island Flag


A special thanks also to all musicians for their wonderful music helping define the character of the American People and historical sensitivity of the history of Rhode Island Revolutionary War Major General Nathanael Greene, who author David McCullough agrees is the Greatest Forgotten Hero in American History.   Viewers are not authorized by law to copy the sound or imagry contained on this Web Page.   FBI Warning: Unauthorized duplication or recording of this material is prohibited by U.S. Federal Law and is protected by copyrights including all sound and imagery, which are ©2006 Nathanael Greene Homestead Museum, Spell Hall or by other contributing artists, designers and authors.

This site is managed by: Gregg A. Mierka, Webmaster, C/O Gen. Nathanael Greene Homestead Museum, at Spell Hall, Coventry, R.I.

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The Liberty Bell The Bell Of Pass & Stow

A special thanks also to Pulitzter Prize Author-Historian David McCullough, who agreed General Nathanael Greene is the Greatest Forgotten Hero in American History, and something must be done about that.

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